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Flow Cytometry

Ultra compact lasers in flow cytometry

Modern flow cytometry techniques permit extremely fast identification and separation of cells. When recording scatter data and fluorescence signals simultaneously, biologists receive comprehensive information about their examined specimen. Shape, size and type of cell are analyzed automatically. Flow cytometry and its derivative techniques has become one of the most widely used techniques in life science.

TOPTICAs choice of sources optimized for flow cytometric applications aim for:

  • Perfect power stability
  • Lowest noise
  • Highest output power
  • Best beam pointing stability
  • Fast direct modulation capabilities
  • High reliability and life time

TOPTICA’s industrial iBeam smart lasers excels in all relevant specifications from 375 nm to 1060 nm. Furthermore our lasers offer additional, unique features - like FINE, SKILL or high power SM-Fiber delivery - that make the life of our customers in the field of cytometric field easier and more productive every day.